Process excellence is our way to project excellence. After our clients provide us the requirement specification, our experts analyze the project and prepare the cost estimate.

Development will start right upon the confirmation of the quotation and the client is informed on every stage of the project. In order to provide high quality every project is going through the following steps:

Task analysisThe first step is gathering as much information about your project as possible. After the initial analysis that determines our ability to serve your needs, we prepare an offer with your inputs and tailored to your unique needs. Once the offer is accepted, the actual project begins.

SRS ReportOur project manager will review your idea and prepare a software requirement specification document. This will provide the formal input to our development team. You will review the SRS report and provide feedback on any changes required to be made.

PlanningThe planning stage begins with your approval of the SRS report. The project manager will make a project plan and will assign tasks to the development team.

ProgrammingIn the programming stage the development team will work on coding the assigned tasks, on completion individual modules of programs are assembled together to create the final executable software application.

TestingTesting process focuses on the logic of the software, ensuring the code is correct. It also focuses on the functionality - testing to uncover errors and ensure that defined input will produce results that satisfy your requirements.

DeploymentAfter all tests have shown that the completed software works as intended, it is deployed in its production environment. Implementation is a planned activity and steps pertaining to it are documented as part of the Roll-Out Plan. A series of checks and reviews are conducted at this stage to ensure that all components of the completed software have been installed correctly.

MaintenanceOnce your software is up and running LETdata is still there for you in order to maintain and improve software to continuously be able to cope with newly discovered problems or new requirements.

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